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KWI Chrome Extension

The IE Tab extension, offered by Blackfish Software, allows users to run Java applets within Chrome and IE Edge browsers for Windows.

Here are the steps to download and install the IE Tab extension on Google Chrome for Windows.

Step 1: Install Extension

Step 2: Install IE Tab Helper

IE Tab requires that the IE Tab Helper application be installed.

Step 3: Set Up IE Tab

Set up the IE Tab extension to run in IE mode.

  • 1. Click on the extension icon  to the right of the address bar.
  • 2. Click on the settings icon 
  • 3. On the Options and Settings page, scroll to the bottom and select ‘IE 11 Standard Mode’ under the the ‘IE Compatibility Mode’ section.

The IE Tab extension is now ready to use.

How to use the extension

To use the extension, first click the icon  to the right of the address bar and then sign in to the KWI Back Office.

Note: You must repeat this step every time you log in to the KWI Back Office.

Updated on June 20, 2022

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