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Phone Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks


Set a personal greeting:

If you don’t set a greeting, it defaults to an automated greeting with your phone number. To set the greeting, access your voice mailbox and press 6 for the greetings menu. Then press 1 to record your greeting, follow the prompts.


Change your VM access pin:

To change your VM pin from the default, access your voice mailbox and press 5 for control options and then 1 to set the password.


To bypass date/time at the start of the message:

By default, the system announces the date and time before playing the messages. Simply press 1 to jump ahead.


To access your voicemail from the office:

If you have a voicemail message, a voicemail light (green envelope) will flash on the upper right of the phone.  To access voicemail from the office phone, press the voicemail button. It has an envelope icon on it. Note: If you have a voicemail message on your system, when you pick up the desk phone to make a call, you will hear a few beeps before you get a dial tone.


To make an outside call from the office:

You do not need to dial 9 to get an outside line. You do not need to dial the 1 preceding the area code.


To call an internal extension:

Dial the 4 digit extension. Eg.  9XXX


To put someone on hold:

Press the button that looks like a pause button (two vertical bars). It is the left button above the number buttons.


To mute a call:

The mute button is the button with icon of a microphone with a right slash through it. To mute a call, press the mute button, the button will be lit red to indicate call is in mute. To unmute a call, press the mute button again.


Transferring a call to another extension:

To transfer a call, when on call with the first person, press the transfer key ( phone->phone icon), dial the 4 digit extension (9xxx) and press the transfer key again. You do not need to connect to the second person before pressing transfer key.


Conferencing someone else into a call:

To conference someone in to your call: put first person on hold, press an open line key on the left side of your phone, call the second person, then press conference key (3 faces icon) and first line key on the left.



You will get an email in the format shown below to notify you of new voicemails. Make sure the sender is [email protected]mailto:[email protected] before opening the attachments to play the message. You must still access your mailbox from a phone to delete the message.




Updated on January 2, 2019

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