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Setting Up Security Camera Access (FLIR)

This article will describe how to setup access from your phone to the FLIR camera system

  1. Download the FLIR CLOUD app from your appstore and launch the app. There are several variations of the app, so look for the one with the logo similar to below:

  2. When the app is open, click the + sign on the top right to add a system. The example below already has a system added, your list would be blank.

  3. Tap on the “DVR/NVR/IP Camera” Icon

  4. Change the “REGISTER MODE” from Device ID to IP/Domain

  5. Enter the information as provided to you in the welcome email from IT – it should match exactly.

  6. When all of the information is entered, tap CONNECT. Note, all cameras should be selected with green checkboxes if prompted

  7. That’s it – you should now have a live view of the cameras. Playback of recorded footage can be done via the top left 3 dot/line menu.



Updated on January 2, 2019

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