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Creating A Memorable Password

Off the top of your head, how many different passwords do you have? If your answer is 10 or less, you must be using the same password for different services, which puts you at risk.

Having a different password for each service is a must in today’s online world, but there’s a terrible weakness to randomly generated passwords: it’s impossible to remember them all. But how can you possibly remember hundreds of passwords? The human brain is only capable of so much, isn’t it?

The answer is simple – don’t try to memorize them – use a password manager! Services like LastPass and 1Password allow you to store and sync your passwords in a vault under ONE secure master password. Applications on your phone and desktop will push that password to the site in real time.

Picking passwords is tricky – most sites want a unique combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Most of our systems require at least one capital letter, one number and one symbol and be at least 8 long… gets complicated quickly! This means we often fall back on passwords we use often, or a variation of them – to avoid this we recommend using a generator such as https://www.dinopass.com or https://www.safepasswd.com


The best security in the world is useless when we leave the door open! Don’t leave the door open by using a weak password for simplicity sake. Protect yourself, and your company – change your passwords today!



Updated on January 2, 2019

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