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How to open a support ticket

Opening a complete support ticket is the key to getting your issues resolved quickly. Please take a moment to read the article below which describes an ideal support ticket!

Here at Clearview Technologies, it’s our goal to provide the highest level of support possible. We want your experience to be simple, and we aim to start work on your requests as soon as possible. In order to do that, we need your help! We need to know everything you know about your issue the first time you reach out to us for help. As you know, submitting tickets is the fastest way to get support. But it’s also important that you include the right information in your tickets so that we can start diagnosing the issue right away.

Step One: Ensure the ticket is going to the right place

Since we offer two key services (managed business support and Phone/Voice), it’s important that you request support for the right service. Emailing is usually the quickest way to submit a new ticket., so are the appropriate email addresses:

Service Email Address
IT Support [email protected]
Phones/Voice [email protected]

*Tip!  Please do not open tickets on behalf of other employees at your company. This can cause confusion when attempting to work with the person having the issue.

Step Two: Provide Detailed Information

To get faster support, we need you to tell us everything you can about the issue you are experiencing. This will allow us to tie up less of your time while diagnosing the issue, and also allow us to resolve the issue faster.

The Subject Field

The subject field is the “mile high overview” of the problem you are experiencing. Let us know what issue you’re experiencing in a simple sentence. Tickets are often delayed due to poorly submitted tickets:

Good: Having Trouble Printing To Front Desk Printer

Good: Workstation 2 states “no login servers available”

Good: Computer 3 will not connect to the internet or download mail

Poor: Help!

Poor: Fw: Printing

Poor: Urgent! Cant work!

The Body

The body is where we need you to provide as much detail as possible. Here are some key things to include in your ticket body:

  • Any error messages or screenshots of error messages
  • What task you were trying to accomplish when the error occurred
  • Steps that our experts can take to reproduce your issue
  • Your computer name or number (this is often found on a barcoded label affixed to the device)
  • The best time and phone number to contact you

Step Three: Fire It Off!

Once you have provided detailed information, send that email over. You should get a reply within about 10 minutes containing your ticket number! By submitting detailed tickets, you’ll empower us to resolve your issues faster and more efficiently. We strive for resolution of all issues within one hour, depending on the severity and workload.

Updated on September 10, 2019

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